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You can see all your RIGS in one dashboard, monitor hash rates, online status, GPU errors, reboot, reload, manage group, pools. Overclock AMD RX 4xx/ RX5xx and Nvidia GPUs from the web. Based on Ubuntu Server 16.04.


Benefits and Multiple Choices

Earn more money

We use smart mining to earn more money from the same rig. Switching from one crypto to another at a time when it earns more volume

Safe & Security

All data are encrypted with SHA256 and can not be decoded. Our system is protected by SSL certificate, DDOS protection, WAFs protect etc.

Time Saving

Save time with device monitoring. We will notify you if your RIG is disconnected or switched off. The bot will now keep monitoring your RIG 24h.

Low Cost

The price is very low for this system that meets all your expectations in the mining field. Be free for all those who have 1 RIG.


Mining Pricing



  • Limited GPU
  • Limited features
  • 3 days of stats
  • Community support
  • Multiple farms management
  • Email & Community support


custom price

  • All regular features
  • Multiple farms management
  • Private server infrastructure
  • Possibility to resell services
  • Resell services
  • Individual support
500 rigs and more
miners are always kept up to date

Up-to-date Miners

Claymore ETH
EWBF Zcash
Claymore XMR
EWBF Equihash
T-Rex Miner
Claymore ZEC
we bring all features together that a miner needs


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Our Data center

Data center guarantees trouble-free operation of your equipment, control and monitoring for optimal external temperature protection.

Data center is protected from electric voltage jumps and broken internet connections. Backuping of power supply systems provides hours-long stable functioning of equipment in case if some force-majeure circumstances occurs (instability of electric power network, industrial network disconnection etc.). a duty engineer proceeds to remove defects/failures at once after relevant information is received.


Have any questions?

All my rigs are offline ?

Your rig could be offline due to many reasons:
First please check if your rigs are still mining in pool.
If yes then your rigs just have problem connecting with and they will appear as OFFLINE in dashboard.
Most common problems are:
1. Local internet or power proglem - check if your rigs have power and internet connection
2. Rigs can crash/freeze and be unable to work, reboot rig to see if that helps
3. DNS problem - sometimes DNS you are using can cause problems like that.
First try to chang DNS in your router to most stable Cloudflare DNS servers: and
After that, please reboot your router and after that reboot also your rigs and see if that fixed your issue.
4. If rig is mining in pool and it is offline in simplemining then also usb drive can be corrupted or broken (try other osb drive)
5. If problem still persist then please check cloudflare anti DDoS service if they have curently any problems
If they have curently some problems then most common they will fix it within 2 hours.
6. If the problem is still there then you can check if you are not blocked by cloudflare due to suspicious activity from your internet provider.
If nothing above helped, please contact our support.
Also it is good to plug in LCD monitor and reboot rig and see what is going on.

Can i mix AMD and NVIDIA gpus in one rig ?

The answer is NO you cannot mix them in ONE rig.
In one rig there needs to be either AMD only or Nvidia only.
AMD has different overclocking schema which is not compatible with NVIDIA.

Problem booting OS ? Recommended motherboard bios options.

1) Make sure you are running the latest BIOS! (you can also try older ones if newest isn't working)
2) Set device to boot from USB/pendrive !
3) Disable Sound audio card !
4) Enable 4G encode !
5) Set PCIe support to Auto or GEN2 !
6) Enable onboard graphics to default (PEG - > IDG)
7) Set also: power ON on AC power lost, disable virtualisation
8) Plug your monitor into the ONBOARD graphics if you want to take a look on boot process

TB250-BTC :   use this bios firmware version because other cause problems: B25CF330.BSS
Bios-Chipset-mining mode-Above 6x VGA
Bios-Chipset-PCIO Config- PCI Express Config - GEN 2(or maybe Auto)
Bios-Chipset-PCIO Config-HD Audio -disabled
Bios-Chipset-System Agent configuration - Internal Graphic- IGFX
Bios-Chipset-System Agent configuration - Primary Display - Onboard 
Bios-Chipset-System Agent configuration - VT-D - Enabled
Bios-Chipset-System Agent configuration - Above 4G - Enabled
Bios-Chipset-System Agent configuration - PEX 16_1 - Gen 2(or Auto)
Bios-Boot-Boot option filter - Legacy only
Bios-Boot-Option #1 - Your SSD legacy
Bios-Security-Secure boot - disabled

Asrock h110 pro BTC (  installing your GPUs, make sure you have filled all black PCI-E slots first, before plugging your risers into a white slot)
Bios - Advanced - Chipset configuration - Primary Graphic Adapter - ONBOARD
Bios - Advanced - Chipset configuration - Above 4gb - Enabled
Bios - Advanced - Chipset configuration - Pci link speed - GEN 2(7 times)
Bios - Advanced - Chipset configuration - Audio - Disabled
Bios - Advanced - Chipset configuration - Onboard HDMI HD Audio - Disabled
Bios - Advanced - Chipset configuration - Restore AC power loss - Power ON

Asus B250 mining expert  ( this motherboard is a leader by the number of reported issues. Keep that in mind )
Tool - EzFlash - Update bios online
Boot - Fast boot - disabled
Boot - Next boot after AC Power loss - Normal boot
Boot - Secure boot - disabled(legacy)
Advanced - mining mode - Enabled
Advanced - Post slot detection time - 10 sec
Advanced - System agent Config - Primary Display - CPU
Advanced - System agent Config - DMI/OPI conf - GEN 2
Advanced - System agent Config - PEG port conf - GEN 2
Advanced - PCH Config - PCI express config - GEN 2
Advanced - Onboard devices config - HD Audio controller - Disabled
Advanced - APM config - Restore AC Power Loss - Power ON

Z270-P : please plug in pendrive in USB 2.0 (if you have problems with your rig)

If you still have problem booting when pendrive is in blue USB 3.0, please try plugging it into black USB 2.0 also.
Also if you still have problem, try redownloading image and reflashing it again to USB (maybe it get corrupted while downloading).
If that will not help, try using other pendrive - sometimes pendrives just broke.

Why my rig is crashing freezing too much ?

Most common cases:
1. Too much overclocking or undervolting (or custom bios with bad settings)
Lower your overclocking a lot and check if it will help.
If you have custom bios then check if flashing original will fix the problem.
If you have powerstage level in overclock menu set to 6, try chaning it to 7.

2. Bad riser
Low quality risers are very common in causing many problems.
Change riser or use better ones and see if that will help.
Try checking one by one GPU to see if maybe only one is causing problems.

3. Too weak Power supply can cause that rig will reboot or shutdown.
Also too high temperature in room can cause that power supply will just shut off.
For example some Corsair Power supplies can shut down itself if temperature is bigger than 39°C.

What is No screen atached error?

This error is very common and it can be related to
1. No gpu can be found by your system
To check how many cards your system found press CTRL-C while the error is being displayed and type:
lspci | grep VGA
If it only shows the integrated gpu from your cpu then your system can't find your mining GPU. Please check cables, riser, power etc.
2. Internet is very slow or does not work at all and the mining process cannot start.

GPU has fallen off the bus

This message occurs mostly in nvidia GPUs when:
- you have entered too much overclock values. Try lower ones like core: 10 and mem: 10 for testing
- riser or risers are broken
- there is problem with Power supply that makes setup unstable

In today's society, we do not get much time to make a first impression and I understand that you are probably at the beginning of this project. I personally enjoyed trying to set up an account because the landing page looks very nice. I think a lot of this is due to explain text? I thought the "recommend to a friend" was the best way to build a community

Ahmad Fz
New User Open for business. This looks like an interesting project, I was able to log in with two clicks. I click on register, enter my email and password. The form is easy to complete is not required sensitive information. Am I supposed to receive an email - I have received the registered email confirmation, Good luck

Fred Blauer
New User

I like the idea. I'd also create an English version of the explanation video on youtube or create alternate versions in the native language in global regions that heavily mine. I'm not too familiar with how competitive space is which may be good and bad. There are several companies that mine so I'm assuming that would be the target and not so much the end-user as mining is becoming less cost-effective. Best of luck, Court

Courtney Laroc
New User

Critical thinker; finds means to fund a solution to problems. We would first of all need to understand the project before we can even help with anything. The description of the project is good and very easy to understand. And it seems to me in a way, that you're building the business idea because there's not so much business to start mining with. I would suggest the site to a friend the design is a really nice and good understanding. The general outlook of the site is quite standard and most of the buttons are links to other sites and with explaining documentation. The green monitor that moves up and down is also useful. Left for me, there's still a lot of work to be made on the feature. Good luck guys

Daniel Okemiri
New User

It seems fair as a lot has gone into this. But the only thing is that now claymores miner has 4% and your software has 2% and the pool has 3-4% then damn that's a lot of percents. I am going to try one rig and see if it will help my cards get up and running. If so then it will be damn worth it to me cause I have about AMD R9 380X cards that are not mining currently due to windows or motherboard issues. Hopefully, this will help.

Elric Drost
New User
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Data center guarantees trouble-free operation of your equipment, control and monitoring for optimal external temperature protection.